The Cannondale R-series is a triathlon/road bike with an aluminum T6 / Cannondale / CAAD8 Optimo frame. The frame comes in colors like red, red and gray.

Originally released in 1993, there are 18 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials and other factors, we estimate that this bike weighs around 30 pounds. The R-series has frame suspension.


The R-series comes with Shimano, Campagnolo, Road Mix, Mavic Mektronic, Triple and STI components, including an aluminum, chromoly, forged, tig-welded, CODA Front Loader, Control Tech, TIG, Alico, Sameness, Time Composite, Cannondale, FSA OS-140 XTC, Zepp XL stem, an aluminum, carbon, threadless, integrated, Tange-Seiki, Cane Creek, YST, FSA, Campagnolo Record, Ritchey Si, Cannondale HeadShok SI Shimano headset and dual-control, grip-shift, Shimano, CX-DT, Campagnolo, Mavic Mektronic STI shifters.


The R-series has 8,9,7,10 speeds and has a Shimano, Campagnolo Mavic Mektronic derailleur.


It comes with kevlar, Continental, IRC PaperLite, Michelin Axial Pro, Vittoria, Hutchinson, X Pro tires (NaN x NaN) and Mavic, Sun, Spinergy, Shimano WH-R550, Gipiemme, Rigida SHP 60, Camagnolo Proton, Cannondale Performance, Campagnolo, Cane Creek Crono C-4 Proton rims.

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Type Triathlon, Road
Year 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Alt. Names R900, R600, R800, R700, R500, R400, R200, R300, R500T, R900X, R4000, R 700, R 600, R5000, R2000, R 500, R500D, R 800, R 400, R3000, R 200, R 900, R 300, R600T, R1000, R 600T, R 500T, R 4000, R900Si, R 3000, R 5000, R 1000, R1000D, R 2000, R 500D, R 900X, R700Si, R3000Si, R700 Si, R 700Si, R2000Si, R4000Si, R 900Si, R900 Si, R1000Si, R5000Si, R 1000D, R3000 Si, R 900 Si, R 700 Si, R 3000Si, R 1000Si, R1000 Si, R2000 Si, R 5000Si, R5000 Si, R 4000Si, R4000 Si, R 2000Si, R 2000 Si, R 5000 Si, R 4000 Si, R 3000 Si, R800Sport, R 1000 Si, R400Sport, R400Triple, R1000Sport, R900Triple, R600Triple, R400 Sport, R 800Sport, R800 Sport, R500Triple, R 400Sport, R300Triple, R700Triple, R800Triple, R 800Triple, R500 Triple, R 500Triple, R500Compact, R600 Triple, R 600Triple, R900Compact, R300Compact, R 400 Sport, R1000Triple, R600Compact, R 400Triple, R400 Triple, R 700Triple, R700 Triple, R900 Triple, R 900Triple, R 300Triple, R1000 Sport, R 800 Sport, R 1000Sport, R3000Triple, R300 Triple, R800Compact, R800 Triple, R2000Triple, R700SiTriple, R 500 Triple, R2000 Triple, R500 Compact, R 400 Triple, R 600 Triple, R800SiTriple, R 800 Triple, R 600Compact, R600 Compact, R 300Compact, R300 Compact, R 500Compact, R900SiTriple, R 2000Triple, R 800Compact, R5000Compact, R1000Compact, R800 Compact, R900 Compact, R 900Compact, R 1000Triple, R1000 Triple, R 300 Triple, R 700 Triple, R 900 Triple, R 1000 Sport, R3000 Triple, R 3000Triple, R 800 Compact, R 2000 Triple, R800Si Triple, R5000 Compact, R 5000Compact, R 300 Compact, R1000 Compact, R 1000Compact, R800 SiTriple, R 800SiTriple, R700 SiTriple, R 900 Compact, R 1000 Triple, R3000SiTriple, R900Si Triple, R900 SiTriple, R 900SiTriple, R 500 Compact, R2000SiTriple, R 600 Compact, R700Si Triple, R 3000 Triple, R 700SiTriple, R1000SiTriple, R1000 SiTriple, R1000Si Triple, R800 Si Triple, R 900 SiTriple, R3000Si Triple, R2000 SiTriple, R 2000SiTriple, R 800Si Triple, R3000 SiTriple, R900 Si Triple, R 3000SiTriple, R 5000 Compact, R 900Si Triple, R 800 SiTriple, R 700 SiTriple, R 700Si Triple, R2000Si Triple, R700 Si Triple, R 1000 Compact, R 1000SiTriple, R 900 Si Triple, R 3000 SiTriple, R3000 Si Triple, R 1000 SiTriple, R 1000Si Triple, R 700 Si Triple, R 2000Si Triple, R1000 Si Triple, R 800 Si Triple, R 2000 SiTriple, R2000 Si Triple, R 3000Si Triple, R 3000 Si Triple, R 1000 Si Triple, R 2000 Si Triple, R5000CompactDrive, R400TripleCompact, R800SportHeadshok, R300CompactTriple, R600SportHeadshok, R600SportHeadShok, R800SportHeadShok, R300 CompactTriple, R 800SportHeadShok, R800SportHead shok, R 600SportHeadshok, R 600SportHeadShok, R5000Compact Drive, R5000 CompactDrive, R 5000CompactDrive, R 300CompactTriple, R300Compact Triple, R800 SportHeadshok, R600 SportHeadshok, R600 SportHeadShok, R800SportHead Shok, R800 SportHeadShok, R600Sport Headshok, R600Sport HeadShok, R800Sport Headshok, R800Sport HeadShok, R400Triple Compact, R400 TripleCompact, R600SportHead shok, R600SportHead Shok, R 400TripleCompact, R 800SportHeadshok, R 800SportHead Shok, R800Sport Head Shok, R600Sport Head Shok, R600Sport Head shok, R800 SportHead Shok, R800 SportHead shok, R600 SportHead Shok, R600 SportHead shok, R 600 SportHeadshok, R 600 SportHeadShok, R400 Triple Compact, R300 Compact Triple, R 600Sport Headshok, R600 Sport HeadShok, R 300Compact Triple, R 300 CompactTriple, R 400Triple Compact, R 400 TripleCompact, R800 Sport HeadShok, R800 Sport Headshok, R 800 SportHeadshok, R 5000 CompactDrive, R 5000Compact Drive, R600 Sport Headshok, R5000 Compact Drive, R 600SportHead Shok, R 600SportHead shok, R 800 SportHeadShok, R800Sport Head shok, R 800SportHead shok, R 800Sport Headshok, R 600Sport HeadShok, R 800Sport HeadShok, R800 Sport Head shok, R 800Sport Head shok, R 600Sport Head shok, R 800 SportHead Shok, R 800 SportHead shok, R 600Sport Head Shok, R 5000 Compact Drive, R 600 Sport HeadShok, R600 Sport Head Shok, R 400 Triple Compact, R 300 Compact Triple, R 800Sport Head Shok, R800 Sport Head Shok, R 600 Sport Headshok, R 600 SportHead Shok, R 600 SportHead shok, R600 Sport Head shok, R 800 Sport HeadShok, R 800 Sport Headshok, R 800 Sport Head shok, R 600 Sport Head Shok, R 800 Sport Head Shok, R 600 Sport Head shok