The Alex Moulton AM is a 25,23,21,26,24,22 pound a mountain/triathlon/road/touring bike with a manganese and steel Bronze / Bronze- / Silver- frame. The frame comes in colors like grey, gray and Dark  Blue.

Originally released in 1993, there are 7 versions of this bike. The AM has frame suspension with 1.25in travel.


The AM comes with Shimano, Suntour, Sachs New Success Ergo and Sturmey Archer components, including an aluminum, Alex, GB TTT 2002 stem, a Stronglight A9 headset and bar-end, Sturmey Archer, Suntour Accushift Sachs New Success Ergo shifters.


The AM has 8,5,7 speeds and has internal rear cogs and a Shimano, Suntour Sachs New Success derailleur.


It comes with Alex Moulton tires ( x 1in) and Alex Moulton Sun Metal M17 rims.

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Type Mountain, Triathlon, Road, Touring
Year 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
Alt. Names AM5, AM8, AM16, AMGT, AM14, AM 8, AM 5, AM 14, AM GT, AM 16, AM14SE, AM 14SE, AM14 SE, AMSpeedS, AM 14 SE, AM SpeedS, AMSpeed-S, AM Speed-S, AMJubileeLBasic, AMJubilee LBasic, AMJubileeLDeluxe, AM JubileeLBasic, AMJubileeL Basic, AM Jubilee LBasic, AMJubilee L Basic, AMJubileeL Deluxe, AMJubilee LDeluxe, AM JubileeLDeluxe, AM JubileeL Basic, AMJubilee L Deluxe, AM Jubilee L Basic, AM JubileeL Deluxe, AM Jubilee LDeluxe, AMJubileeLBasic531, AM Jubilee L Deluxe, AMJubileeLDeluxe531, AMJubileeL Basic531, AMJubileeLBasic 531, AMJubilee LBasic531, AM JubileeLBasic531, AMJubilee L Basic531, AMJubilee LBasic 531, AM JubileeLBasic 531, AM JubileeL Basic531, AM Jubilee LBasic531, AMJubileeLDeluxe 531, AMJubileeL Basic 531, AMJubileeL Deluxe531, AMJubilee LDeluxe531, AM JubileeLDeluxe531, AM Jubilee LDeluxe531, AM Jubilee LBasic 531, AMJubileeL Deluxe 531, AMJubilee L Basic 531, AM Jubilee L Basic531, AM JubileeL Deluxe531, AM JubileeLDeluxe 531, AM JubileeL Basic 531, AMJubilee LDeluxe 531, AMJubilee L Deluxe531, AMJubilee L Deluxe 531, AM JubileeL Deluxe 531, AM Jubilee LDeluxe 531, AM Jubilee L Deluxe531, AM Jubilee L Basic 531, AM Jubilee L Deluxe 531