The Balance AL-350 is a mountain bike with an aluminum DBT / Alcoa frame. The frame comes in colors like clear-coat, Blue  Anodized and Ball-Burnished  To  Green  Fade.

Originally released in 1995, there are 7 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials and other factors, we estimate that this bike weighs around 35 pounds. The AL-350 has fork suspension.


The AL-350 comes with Mountain Mix and Shimano components, including an aluminum, chromoly, forged, Balance Sameness stem, a threadless, Aheadset Tien Hsin TH-850S headset and grip-shift, SRT-400 SRT-400i shifters.

The RST, R.I.D, Manitou Comp, ProForx, Balance and Rock Shox Indy C fork has a true suspension.


The AL-350 has 8,7 speeds and has a Shimano derailleur.


It comes with Tioga Psycho tires (26in x 1.95in) and Araya GP-710 rims.

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Type Mountain
Year 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
Alt. Names AL350, Al350, Al 350, AL-350, AL 350, Al-350, Al350RST170, AL350RST170, Al350ProForx, Al 350RST170, Al-350RST170, AL-350RST170, AL350 RST170, AL350RST 170, Al350 RST170, AL350ProForx, Al350RST 170, AL 350RST170, Al 350 RST170, AL-350RST 170, Al350 RST 170, AL350 RST 170, Al 350RST 170, AL-350ProForx, Al-350 RST170, AL350Pro-Forx, Al 350ProForx, AL 350 RST170, Al-350ProForx, Al350 ProForx, AL 350RST 170, Al-350RST 170, Al350Pro-Forx, AL 350ProForx, AL350 ProForx, AL-350 RST170, AL 350 RST 170, Al-350Pro-Forx, Al350 Pro-Forx, Al 350 ProForx, Al-350 RST 170, Al 350 RST 170, AL 350 ProForx, AL350 Pro-Forx, Al 350Pro-Forx, AL 350Pro-Forx, AL-350 ProForx, Al-350 ProForx, AL-350 RST 170, AL-350Pro-Forx, AL-350 Pro-Forx, Al-350 Pro-Forx, Al 350 Pro-Forx, AL 350 Pro-Forx, Al350ManitouComp, AL350ManitouComp, Al350Manitou Comp, AL350Manitou Comp, Al-350ManitouComp, Al350 ManitouComp, AL350 ManitouComp, Al 350ManitouComp, AL 350ManitouComp, AL-350ManitouComp, Al 350 ManitouComp, Al-350Manitou Comp, AL350 Manitou Comp, Al 350Manitou Comp, AL 350Manitou Comp, Al350 Manitou Comp, Al-350 ManitouComp, AL-350 ManitouComp, AL-350Manitou Comp, AL 350 ManitouComp, AL-350 Manitou Comp, AL 350 Manitou Comp, Al 350 Manitou Comp, Al-350 Manitou Comp