The BH G4 is a triathlon/road bike with a carbon BH G4 Nano frame. The frame comes in colors like red,  white  /  blue and  white  /  carbon.

It was first released in 2008 and again in 2009. Due to the frame materials and other factors, we estimate that this bike weighs around 20 pounds. The G4 is fully rigid.


The G4 comes with Shimano and SRAM Red components, including a FSA OS-99 stem, a FSA Orbit CE Plus headset and Shimano SRAM Red shifters.


The G4 has 10 speeds and has a Shimano SRAM Red derailleur.


It comes with Vittoria Pro tires (622mm x 23mm) and carbon, Shimano Dura-Ace, DT Swiss Mon Chasseral, Reynolds MCV32C Mavic rims.

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Type Triathlon, Road
Year 2008, 2009
Alt. Names G4RED, G4Red, G-4Red, G-4RED, G4 Red, G4 RED, G-4 Red, G-4 RED, G4REDMavic, G4RedMavic, G-4REDMavic, G4 Dura Ace, G4 Dura-Ace, G4RED/Mavic, G4/Dura Ace, G4Red/Mavic, G4 REDMavic, G4/Dura-Ace, G4 RedMavic, G-4RedMavic, G-4 REDMavic, G-4 RedMavic, G-4 Dura-Ace, G-4 Dura Ace, G-4/Dura-Ace, G-4/Dura Ace, G4 RED/Mavic, G4 Red/Mavic, G4/UltegraSL, G4 UltegraSL, G-4Red/Mavic, G-4RED/Mavic, G-4 Red/Mavic, G-4/UltegraSL, G-4 UltegraSL, G-4 RED/Mavic, G4 Ultegra SL, G4/Ultegra SL, G4/Dura AceDi2, G4 Dura AceDi2, G4 Dura-AceDi2, G4/Dura-AceDi2, G-4/Ultegra SL, G-4 Ultegra SL, G4/Dura-Ace Di2, G4/Dura AceDi-2, G4 Dura AceDi-2, G4 Dura-AceDi-2, G4/Dura-AceDi-2, G4 Dura Ace Di2, G4 Dura-Ace Di2, G-4/Dura AceDi2, G-4/Dura-AceDi2, G-4 Dura AceDi2, G-4 Dura-AceDi2, G4/Dura Ace Di2, G4/Dura Ace Di-2, G-4/Dura-AceDi-2, G4 Dura Ace Di-2, G4SRAMRedDTSwiss, G4SRAMREDDTSwiss, G4/Dura AceMavic, G4/Dura-AceMavic, G-4/Dura Ace Di2, G4 Dura-AceMavic, G4 Dura-Ace Di-2, G-4 Dura-AceDi-2, G-4/Dura AceDi-2, G-4 Dura Ace Di2, G-4 Dura-Ace Di2, G-4 Dura AceDi-2, G4/Dura-Ace Di-2, G-4/Dura-Ace Di2, G4 Dura AceMavic, G4SRAMRedDT Swiss, G4SRAMRed DTSwiss, G-4 Dura-Ace Di-2, G4SRAMREDDT Swiss, G4SRAMRED DTSwiss, G4SRAM RedDTSwiss, G4SRAM REDDTSwiss, G4/SRAMRedDTSwiss, G4/SRAMREDDTSwiss, G4SRAMREDReynolds, G4SRAMRedReynolds, G-4/Dura AceMavic, G-4/Dura-AceMavic, G-4 Dura AceMavic, G-4 Dura-AceMavic, G-4SRAMRedDTSwiss, G4/Dura Ace Mavic, G-4 Dura Ace Di-2, G4/Dura-Ace Mavic, G-4/Dura Ace Di-2, G4 Dura Ace Mavic, G-4SRAMREDDTSwiss, G4 Dura-Ace Mavic, G-4/Dura-Ace Di-2, G4SRAM REDReynolds, G4/SRAMREDReynolds, G-4SRAMREDDT Swiss, G4 Dura-AceDTSwiss, G4 Dura AceDTSwiss, G4/Dura-AceDTSwiss, G4/Dura AceDTSwiss, G-4SRAMRED DTSwiss, G-4SRAM RedDTSwiss, G-4SRAM REDDTSwiss, G-4/SRAMRedDTSwiss, G-4 Dura-Ace Mavic, G-4 Dura Ace Mavic, G-4/Dura-Ace Mavic, G-4/Dura Ace Mavic, G4/SRAMRedReynolds, G-4SRAMRedDT Swiss, G4SRAM RedReynolds, G-4SRAMRed DTSwiss, G4SRAMRed Reynolds, G4SRAMRED Reynolds, G-4/SRAMREDDTSwiss, G-4SRAMRedReynolds, G-4SRAMREDReynolds, G4/SRAM REDDTSwiss, G4/SRAM RedDTSwiss, G4/SRAMRED DTSwiss, G4/SRAMREDDT Swiss, G4/SRAMRed DTSwiss, G4/SRAMRedDT Swiss, G4SRAM RED DTSwiss, G4SRAM REDDT Swiss, G4SRAM Red DTSwiss, G4SRAM RedDT Swiss, G4SRAMRED DT Swiss, G4SRAMRed DT Swiss, G4/SRAM RedReynolds, G4/SRAM REDReynolds, G4/SRAMRed Reynolds, G4/Dura AceDT Swiss, G4/SRAMRED Reynolds, G4 Dura-AceDT Swiss, G4SRAM Red Reynolds, G-4SRAMRed DT Swiss, G4SRAM RED Reynolds, G-4 Dura-AceDTSwiss, G-4SRAMRED DT Swiss, G-4/SRAMRed DTSwiss, G-4 Dura AceDTSwiss, G4 Dura Ace DTSwiss, G-4/SRAMREDDT Swiss, G-4/SRAMREDReynolds, G-4SRAM RedReynolds, G-4SRAM REDReynolds, G-4SRAMRed Reynolds, G-4/Dura-AceDTSwiss, G-4SRAMRED Reynolds, G-4SRAM RedDT Swiss, G4/SRAM RED DTSwiss, G4/SRAM REDDT Swiss, G-4/Dura AceDTSwiss, G4/SRAM Red DTSwiss, G4/SRAM RedDT Swiss, G-4SRAM Red DTSwiss, G4/SRAMRED DT Swiss, G4 Dura AceDT Swiss, G-4SRAM REDDT Swiss, G-4/SRAMRED DTSwiss, G4/SRAMRed DT Swiss, G-4SRAM RED DTSwiss, G-4/SRAMRedReynolds, G4SRAM RED DT Swiss, G4/Dura-Ace DTSwiss, G-4/SRAMRedDT Swiss, G-4/SRAM RedDTSwiss, G4SRAM Red DT Swiss, G4/Dura-AceDT Swiss, G4/UltegraSLDTSwiss, G4 UltegraSLDTSwiss, G4 Dura-Ace DTSwiss, G4/Dura Ace DTSwiss, G-4/SRAM REDDTSwiss, G4/SRAM Red Reynolds, G-4/Dura AceDT Swiss, G4/SRAM RED Reynolds, G-4 Dura-AceDT Swiss, G4/SRAM RED DT Swiss, G4/Dura Ace DT Swiss, G-4 UltegraSLDTSwiss, G-4SRAM Red DT Swiss, G4/SRAM Red DT Swiss, G4/Dura-Ace DT Swiss, G-4 Dura Ace DTSwiss, G-4 Dura AceDT Swiss, G-4SRAM RED DT Swiss, G4 Dura-Ace DT Swiss, G-4/UltegraSLDTSwiss, G-4/Dura-Ace DTSwiss, G-4/Dura-AceDT Swiss, G4/Ultegra SLDTSwiss, G-4/SRAMRed DT Swiss, G-4/SRAMRED DT Swiss, G-4/SRAM RedReynolds, G4 Dura Ace DT Swiss, G-4/SRAM REDReynolds, G-4/SRAMRed Reynolds, G-4 Dura-Ace DTSwiss, G-4/SRAMRED Reynolds, G4/UltegraSLDT Swiss, G-4SRAM Red Reynolds, G-4/Dura Ace DTSwiss, G4 UltegraSLDT Swiss, G4 UltegraSL DTSwiss, G-4/SRAM RedDT Swiss, G-4SRAM RED Reynolds, G4 Ultegra SLDTSwiss, G-4/SRAM Red DTSwiss, G4/UltegraSL DTSwiss, G-4/SRAM REDDT Swiss, G-4/SRAM RED DTSwiss, G-4 Ultegra SLDTSwiss, G-4/SRAM RED DT Swiss, G-4/SRAM Red DT Swiss, G4 Ultegra SLDT Swiss, G4 UltegraSL DT Swiss, G-4/UltegraSL DTSwiss, G4/Ultegra SL DTSwiss, G4/Ultegra SLDT Swiss, G-4/UltegraSLDT Swiss, G-4/SRAM RED Reynolds, G-4/SRAM Red Reynolds, G4/UltegraSL DT Swiss, G-4/Ultegra SLDTSwiss, G-4 Dura-Ace DT Swiss, G-4/Dura-Ace DT Swiss, G4 Ultegra SL DTSwiss, G-4/Dura Ace DT Swiss, G-4 UltegraSL DTSwiss, G-4 UltegraSLDT Swiss, G-4 Dura Ace DT Swiss, G-4/Ultegra SLDT Swiss, G-4 Ultegra SLDT Swiss, G-4/Ultegra SL DTSwiss, G-4 Ultegra SL DTSwiss, G-4 UltegraSL DT Swiss, G4 Ultegra SL DT Swiss, G4/Ultegra SL DT Swiss, G-4/UltegraSL DT Swiss, G-4 Ultegra SL DT Swiss, G-4/Ultegra SL DT Swiss