The 2000 Bike Friday Family Triple Traveler is a 38 pound a tandem bike with a steel frame. The frame comes in colors like red, blue and black.

The Family Triple Traveler is a is a heavier bike at around 40 pounds. It was released in 2000 and costs $2,295 brand new. The Family Triple Traveler is fully rigid.


The Family Triple Traveler comes with various tandem bike components, including a BF Ahead Style stem, an aluminum, threadless BF Threadless headset and dual-control Shimano RSX STI shifters.


The Family Triple Traveler has 7 speeds and has a Shimano RSX derailleur.


It comes with Primo Comet tires (20in x 1.35in) and Sun Rims CR18 rims.

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Type Tandem
MSRP $2,295
Year 2000
Alt. Names FamilyTripleTripleRSXSTI, FamilyTripleTripleRSX STI, FamilyTripleTriple RSXSTI, Family TripleTripleRSXSTI, FamilyTriple TripleRSXSTI, FamilyTripleTriple RSX STI, Family TripleTriple RSXSTI, Family TripleTripleRSX STI, Family Triple TripleRSXSTI, FamilyTripleTravelerRSXSTI, FamilyTravelerTripleRSXSTI, FamilyTriple TripleRSX STI, FamilyTriple Triple RSXSTI, FamilyTripleTravelerRSX STI, FamilyTriple TravelerRSXSTI, Family Triple Triple RSXSTI, FamilyTraveler TripleRSXSTI, FamilyTravelerTriple RSXSTI, FamilyTripleTraveler RSXSTI, FamilyTriple Triple RSX STI, FamilyTravelerTripleRSX STI, Family TripleTriple RSX STI, Family TripleTravelerRSXSTI, Family Triple TripleRSX STI, Family TravelerTripleRSXSTI, FamilyTraveler Triple RSXSTI, Family TripleTraveler RSXSTI, FamilyTravelerTriple RSX STI, FamilyTravelerTravelerRSXSTI, Family Traveler TripleRSXSTI, FamilyTripleTraveler RSX STI, Family TripleTravelerRSX STI, Family Triple TravelerRSXSTI, Family TravelerTriple RSXSTI, Family TravelerTripleRSX STI, Family Triple Triple RSX STI, FamilyTriple Traveler RSXSTI, FamilyTriple TravelerRSX STI, FamilyTraveler TripleRSX STI, FamilyTravelerTravelerRSX STI, Family Traveler Triple RSXSTI, Family Traveler TripleRSX STI, Family Triple Traveler RSXSTI, Family TripleTraveler RSX STI, FamilyTravelerTraveler RSXSTI, Family Triple TravelerRSX STI, FamilyTriple Traveler RSX STI, Family TravelerTravelerRSXSTI, Family TravelerTriple RSX STI, FamilyTraveler Triple RSX STI, FamilyTraveler TravelerRSXSTI, FamilyTraveler TravelerRSX STI, Family Triple Traveler RSX STI, Family Traveler TravelerRSXSTI, Family TravelerTravelerRSX STI, Family TravelerTraveler RSXSTI, FamilyTravelerTraveler RSX STI, FamilyTraveler Traveler RSXSTI, Family Traveler Triple RSX STI, FamilyTraveler Traveler RSX STI, Family Traveler TravelerRSX STI, Family Traveler Traveler RSXSTI, Family TravelerTraveler RSX STI, Family Traveler Traveler RSX STI