The Bike Friday Pocket Llama is a 26,25,24 pound a mountain bike with a chromoly and steel frame. The frame comes in colors like red, red and blue.

Originally released in 1994, there are 6 versions of this bike. The Pocket Llama is fully rigid.


The Pocket Llama comes with Sachs, Shimano Deore LX and Mix components, including an aluminum, riser, adjustable, custom, Softride, Custom, Kalloy BF Custom Adjustable stem, an aluminum, Shimano Deore XT, YST BF Threaded headset and dual-control, Sachs Power Grip Plus, Shimano Plus shifters.


The Pocket Llama has 3,8,7,9 speeds and has internal X rear cogs and a Shimano, Suntour XC Sachs derailleur.


It comes with Primo V-Monster Ritchey tires (20in x NaN) and Sun rims.

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Type Mountain
Year 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000
Alt. Names PocketLLama, PocketLlama, Pocket LLama, Pocket Llama, PocketLLamaMTB, PocketLLamaOR2, PocketLlamaOR2, PocketLlamaMTB, PocketLlama OR2, PocketLLamaOR-2, Pocket LlamaOR2, Pocket LLamaOR2, PocketLlamaOR-2, PocketLLama MTB, PocketLLama OR2, PocketLlama MTB, Pocket LLamaMTB, Pocket LlamaMTB, PocketLLamaBFLX, PocketLlamaBFLX, Pocket LLama OR2, PocketLlama OR-2, Pocket Llama OR2, Pocket LLama MTB, Pocket LlamaOR-2, Pocket Llama MTB, Pocket LLamaOR-2, PocketLLamaBF LX, PocketLLama BFLX, PocketLLama OR-2, PocketLlamaBF LX, PocketLlama BFLX, Pocket LLamaBFLX, Pocket LlamaBFLX, Pocket Llama OR-2, Pocket LLamaBF LX, Pocket LLama BFLX, Pocket LlamaBF LX, Pocket Llama BFLX, PocketLLamaBFPlus, PocketLlama BF LX, PocketLLama BF LX, PocketLlamaBFPlus, Pocket LLama OR-2, PocketLLama BFPlus, Pocket Llama BF LX, Pocket LlamaBFPlus, PocketLlamaBF Plus, PocketLlama BFPlus, Pocket LLamaBFPlus, Pocket LLama BF LX, PocketLLamaBF Plus, PocketLLama BF Plus, Pocket LLamaBF Plus, PocketLLamaBFSelect, Pocket 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