The Bike Friday Pocket Rocket is a 19,21,22,20 pound a road bike with a chromoly, steel and manganese frame. The frame comes in colors like red, red and blue.

Originally released in 1994, there are 9 versions of this bike. The Pocket Rocket is fully rigid.


The Pocket Rocket comes with Shimano, Mix and Campagnolo Record components, including a chromoly, aluminum, custom, adjustable, threadless, riser, Custom Bike Friday stem, an aluminum, threadless, Shimano Deore XT, YST, BF Chris King NoThreadSet headset and dual-control, bar-end, Shimano, Campagnolo Record Ergo STI shifters.


The Pocket Rocket has 9,3,8,7 speeds and has internal X rear cogs and a Shimano Campagnolo Record derailleur.


It comes with IRC Roadlite EX BF HP Sport Tire tires (20in x 1in) and Sun rims.

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Type Road
Year 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000
Alt. Names PocketRocket, Pocket Rocket, PocketRocket105, Pocket Rocket105, PocketRocket 105, PocketRocketBF105, Pocket Rocket 105, PocketRocketBFRSX, PocketRocketBF 105, PocketRocket BF105, Pocket RocketBF105, PocketRocketPro105, PocketRocketBF RSX, PocketRocket BFRSX, Pocket RocketBFRSX, PocketRocket BF 105, Pocket RocketPro105, Pocket RocketBF 105, Pocket Rocket BF105, Pocket Rocket BFRSX, PocketRocketUltegra, PocketRocketPro 105, PocketRocket BF RSX, PocketRocket Pro105, Pocket RocketBF RSX, Pocket Rocket Pro105, Pocket RocketPro 105, PocketRocketBFSelect, Pocket RocketUltegra, PocketRocket Pro 105, Pocket Rocket BF 105, PocketRocket Ultegra, Pocket Rocket BF RSX, PocketRocketBF Select, Pocket Rocket Pro 105, PocketRocket BFSelect, Pocket RocketBFSelect, PocketRocketProRecord, Pocket Rocket Ultegra, Pocket Rocket BFSelect, Pocket RocketProRecord, PocketRocketProDuraAce, PocketRocket ProRecord, PocketRocketPro Record, PocketRocket BF Select, Pocket RocketBF Select, PocketRocketProUltegra, PocketRocketPro DuraAce, PocketRocket ProDuraAce, Pocket RocketProDuraAce, Pocket RocketPro Record, Pocket RocketProUltegra, Pocket Rocket ProRecord, PocketRocket Pro Record, PocketRocketProDura-Ace, PocketRocketPro Ultegra, PocketRocket ProUltegra, Pocket Rocket BF Select, Pocket RocketProDura-Ace, Pocket Rocket ProDuraAce, PocketRocket ProDura-Ace, PocketRocket Pro Ultegra, PocketRocket Pro DuraAce, Pocket RocketPro Ultegra, Pocket Rocket ProUltegra, PocketRocketPro Dura-Ace, Pocket RocketPro DuraAce, Pocket Rocket Pro Record, Pocket Rocket Pro DuraAce, Pocket Rocket ProDura-Ace, Pocket RocketPro Dura-Ace, PocketRocket Pro Dura-Ace, Pocket Rocket Pro Ultegra, Pocket Rocket Pro Dura-Ace