The Bike Friday Two'sDay is a 41,42,39 pound a tandem bike with a chromoly and steel frame. The frame comes in colors like red, blue and blue.

It was first released in 1997 and again in 2000. The Two'sDay is fully rigid.


The Two'sDay comes with Shimano RSX/Sachs Neos, Mix and Sachs Centera components, including a Bike Friday BF Ahead Style stem, an aluminum, threadless BF Threadless headset and dual-control, Shimano RSX STI Sachs Power Grip Plus shifters.


The Two'sDay has 3,7 speeds and has internal X rear cogs and a Sachs Centera Shimano RSX derailleur.


It comes with Primo Comet tires (20in x NaN) and Sun Rims rims.

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Type Tandem
Year 1997, 2000
Alt. Names TwosDay, Twosday, Two'sDay, Twos Day, Twos day, Two'sday, Two's Day, Two's day, TwosdaySTRSXSTI, TwosDaySTRSXSTI, TwosdaySTRSX STI, TwosdayST RSXSTI, Twosday STRSXSTI, Twos DaySTRSXSTI, TwosDaySTRSX STI, TwosDayST RSXSTI, TwosDay STRSXSTI, Two'sdaySTRSXSTI, Twos daySTRSXSTI, Two'sDaySTRSXSTI, Two'sDaySTRSX STI, Two's daySTRSXSTI, Twos dayST RSXSTI, TwosDayTouristSTI, Twos day STRSXSTI, TwosdayTouristSTI, Twos DaySTRSX STI, Twos DayST RSXSTI, Twos Day STRSXSTI, Two'sDay STRSXSTI, Two'sDayST RSXSTI, Twos daySTRSX STI, Two'sday STRSXSTI, TwosdayST RSX STI, Two'sdayST RSXSTI, Two'sdaySTRSX STI, Twosday STRSX STI, Twosday ST RSXSTI, TwosDayST RSX STI, TwosDay STRSX STI, Two's DaySTRSXSTI, TwosDay ST RSXSTI, Two's DaySTRSX STI, Twosday TouristSTI, Two'sDayST RSX STI, TwosdayTourist STI, TwosDay TouristSTI, Twos Day ST RSXSTI, Two'sDayTouristSTI, Two'sday ST RSXSTI, Two'sday STRSX STI, Twos day STRSX STI, Twos day ST RSXSTI, TwosDayTourist STI, Twos DayTouristSTI, Two'sdayST RSX STI, Twos DayST RSX STI, Twosday ST RSX STI, Two'sdayTouristSTI, Two's Day STRSXSTI, Twos dayST RSX STI, Two's DayST RSXSTI, Twos dayTouristSTI, Twos Day STRSX STI, Two'sDay ST RSXSTI, TwosDay ST RSX STI, Two'sDay STRSX STI, Two's day STRSXSTI, Two's daySTRSX STI, Two's dayST RSXSTI, Two'sDay TouristSTI, Two's dayST RSX STI, Two's day ST RSXSTI, Two's dayTouristSTI, TwosDay Tourist STI, Twosday Tourist STI, Two's DayST RSX STI, Two's Day STRSX STI, Two'sdayTourist STI, Two'sday TouristSTI, Two's Day ST RSXSTI, Twos Day TouristSTI, Twos day ST RSX STI, Twos DayTourist STI, Twos day TouristSTI, Two'sday ST RSX STI, Two'sDayTourist STI, Two's day STRSX STI, Twos Day ST RSX STI, Two's DayTouristSTI, Two'sDay ST RSX STI, Twos dayTourist STI, Twos Day Tourist STI, Two's DayTourist STI, Two'sday Tourist STI, Two'sDay Tourist STI, Two's Day TouristSTI, Two's Day ST RSX STI, Twos day Tourist STI, Two's dayTourist STI, Two's day TouristSTI, Two's day ST RSX STI, Two's Day Tourist STI, Two's day Tourist STI