The Cannondale Ironman is a triathlon/road bike with an aluminum and carbon T6 / Ironman Slice frame. The frame comes in colors like blue, white and topaz.

Originally released in 2003, there are 11 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials, we estimate that this bike weighs around 20 pounds. The Ironman is fully rigid.


The Ironman comes with Road Mix, Shimano and Campagnolo Record components, including a forged Cannondale stem, a carbon, aluminum, integrated, threadless, FSA, Campagnolo Record Hiddenset Ritchey Si headset and dual-control, bar-end, Shimano Campagnolo Record shifters.


The Ironman has 9,10 speeds and has a Shimano Campagnolo Record derailleur.


It comes with kevlar, Hutchinson, Maxxis Xenith Hors Categorie, Michelin Ironman Continental tires (622mm x 23mm) and Gipiemme, Zipp 404, Mavic, Shimano WH-R550, Ksyrium Elite Spinergy Xaero Lite rims.

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Type Triathlon, Road
Year 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Alt. Names Ironman, Ironman2, Ironman1, Ironman3, Ironman 1, Ironman 2, Ironman 3, Ironman600, Ironman800, Ironman6000, Ironman 600, Ironman5000, Ironman 800, Ironman2000, Ironman 5000, Ironman 2000, Ironman 6000, IronmanSlice3, Ironman Slice3, IronmanSlice 3, Ironman Slice 3, IronmanSIX13SliceSi, Ironmansix13SliceSi, IronmanSix13SliceSi, Ironmansix-13SliceSi, IronmanSIX-13SliceSi, Ironmansix13Slice Si, Ironmansix13 SliceSi, IronmanSix-13SliceSi, IronmanSIX13Slice Si, IronmanSix13Slice Si, IronmanSix13 SliceSi, Ironman SIX13SliceSi, Ironman six13SliceSi, Ironman Six13SliceSi, IronmanSIX13SliceSi1, IronmanSIX13SliceSI1, Ironmansix13SliceSi1, Ironmansix13SliceSI1, IronmanSix13SliceSi1, IronmanSix13SliceSI1, IronmanSIX13 SliceSi, IronmanSIX13SliceSi2, IronmanSIX13SliceSI2, Ironmansix13SliceSi2, Ironmansix13SliceSI2, IronmanSix13SliceSi2, IronmanSix13SliceSI2, IronmanSix-13SliceSI2, Ironman Six13SliceSI1, IronmanSIX-13 SliceSi, IronmanSIX13 Slice Si, Ironmansix-13Slice Si, Ironmansix-13 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