The Cannondale Scalpel is a carbon and aluminum Ballistec / SmartFormed / DT full-suspension mountain bike frame. The frame comes in colors like rep, blue and gray.

Originally released in 2002, there are 19 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials, we estimate that this bike weighs around 25 pounds.


The Scalpel comes with Shimano, SRAM and Mountain Mix components, including an adjustable, forged, Cannondale, Syntace VRO, S-L X stem, a threadless, Cannondale, Tange 1.5 HeadShok headset and dual-control, trigger, SRAM, Shimano, X.0, I-Spec Rapidfire shifters.


The Scalpel has 10,9,11 speeds and has SRAM Shimano rear cogs and a Shimano, SRAM, XX X.0 derailleur.


It comes with tubeless, folding, Schwalbe, Maxxis, Continental, UST, XC, Hutchinson Kenda Small Block 8 tires (NaN x NaN) and carbon, custom, disc, tubeless, tig-welded, Reynolds, Sun, DT Swiss, Stan's, Mavic, Shimano XTR, Disc, Pro, ENVE Enve rims.

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Type Mountain
Year 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Alt. Names Scalpel, SCALPEL, Scalpel1, Scalpel2, SCALPEL1, Scalpel3, Scalpel5, SCALPEL3, SCALPEL4, SCALPEL5, Scalpel4, SCALPEL2, Scalpel 4, SCALPEL 5, SCALPEL 2, Scalpel 1, Scalpel 5, SCALPEL 1, SCALPEL 4, SCALPEL 3, Scalpel29, SCALPEL29, Scalpel 3, Scalpel 2, SCALPEL 29, Scalpel800, Scalpel 29, Scalpel900, SCALPEL800, SCALPEL900, Scalpel 900, SCALPEL 800, SCALPEL 900, ScalpelTEAM, ScalpelTeam, Scalpel3000, Scalpel2000, SCALPEL3000, SCALPELTeam, SCALPEL2000, Scalpel1000, Scalpel 800, SCALPELTEAM, SCALPEL1000, SCALPEL 3000, Scalpel 3000, Scalpel 1000, SCALPEL 2000, Scalpel 2000, Scalpel Team, Scalpel TEAM, SCALPEL Team, SCALPEL TEAM, SCALPEL 1000, ScalpelFéminine, ScalpelUltimate, SCALPELFéminine, SCALPELUltimate, SCALPEL Ultimate, Scalpel Ultimate, Scalpel Féminine, SCALPELFéminine2, ScalpelFéminine2, SCALPEL Féminine, SCALPELFéminine1, ScalpelFéminine1, ScalpelFéminine 2, SCALPELFéminine 2, SCALPEL Féminine2, SCALPEL29BlackINC, SCALPEL29BlackInc, Scalpel Féminine2, SCALPEL29BLACKINC, SCALPELFéminine 1, SCALPEL Féminine1, Scalpel29BlackINC, Scalpel29BlackInc, Scalpel29BLACKINC, Scalpel29BLACKInc, SCALPEL29BLACKInc, ScalpelFéminine 1, Scalpel Féminine1, Scalpel 29BlackINC, SCALPEL Féminine 2, SCALPEL29 BLACKInc, SCALPEL29Black INC, SCALPEL29Black Inc, Scalpel Féminine 2, SCALPEL 29BlackINC, Scalpel 29BlackInc, SCALPEL 29BLACKINC, Scalpel 29BLACKINC, Scalpel 29BLACKInc, SCALPEL29BlackINC., Scalpel29 BlackINC, Scalpel29 BlackInc, SCALPEL 29BLACKInc, SCALPEL Féminine 1, Scalpel29 BLACKINC, Scalpel29 BLACKInc, Scalpel29Black INC, Scalpel29Black Inc, SCALPEL29BLACK INC, Scalpel29BlackINC., SCALPEL29BLACK Inc, Scalpel29BLACK INC, Scalpel29BLACK Inc, SCALPEL 29BlackInc, Scalpel29BLACKINC., SCALPEL29BLACKINC., SCALPEL29 BlackINC, SCALPEL29 BlackInc, ScalpelTEAMReplica, Scalpel Féminine 1, SCALPEL29 BLACKINC, SCALPELTEAMReplica, SCALPELTeamReplica, ScalpelTeamReplica, Scalpel29 BLACK INC, SCALPEL 29BLACKINC., Scalpel29 Black Inc, SCALPEL29 BLACKINC., Scalpel29 BlackINC., SCALPEL 29 BLACKInc, SCALPEL 29Black Inc, Scalpel 29 BlackINC, Scalpel29 BLACK Inc, SCALPEL29 Black INC, Scalpel29 BLACKINC., Scalpel 29 BlackInc, SCALPEL29Black INC., Scalpel29Black INC., SCALPEL 29BLACK INC, SCALPEL29 Black Inc, Scalpel 29 BLACKINC, SCALPEL 29Black INC, Scalpel 29 BLACKInc, Scalpel29BLACK INC., Scalpel 29Black INC, SCALPEL29 BlackINC., Scalpel 29Black Inc, SCALPEL 29BLACK Inc, Scalpel 29BlackINC., SCALPEL 29 BLACKINC, SCALPEL29BLACK INC., Scalpel 29BLACK INC, SCALPEL29 BLACK INC, SCALPEL 29 BlackInc, Scalpel 29BLACK Inc, SCALPEL 29 BlackINC, Scalpel TeamReplica, Scalpel TEAMReplica, ScalpelTeam Replica, SCALPEL 29BlackINC., SCALPELTEAM Replica, Scalpel 29BLACKINC., SCALPELTeam Replica, SCALPEL TEAMReplica, SCALPEL29 BLACK Inc, SCALPEL TeamReplica, ScalpelTEAM Replica, Scalpel29 Black INC, Scalpel29 Black INC., SCALPEL Team Replica, SCALPEL 29 Black INC, SCALPEL 29BLACK INC., Scalpel TEAM Replica, SCALPEL 29 Black Inc, Scalpel Team Replica, SCALPEL 29 BlackINC., SCALPEL 29 BLACK INC, SCALPEL29 Black INC., SCALPEL 29 BLACK Inc, SCALPEL 29 BLACKINC., Scalpel29 BLACK INC., SCALPEL 29Black INC., SCALPEL TEAM Replica, Scalpel 29BLACK INC., Scalpel 29Black INC., Scalpel 29 BLACKINC., Scalpel 29 BLACK Inc, SCALPEL29 BLACK INC., Scalpel 29 BLACK INC, Scalpel 29 BlackINC., Scalpel 29 Black Inc, Scalpel 29 Black INC, Scalpel 29 BLACK INC., SCALPEL 29 BLACK INC., SCALPEL 29 Black INC., Scalpel 29 Black INC.