The 2012 Cannondale SuperSix Di2 Ultegra is a bike with a carbon Super Six frame. The frame comes in gray or  black  /  white.

It was released in 2012. Due to the frame materials and other factors, we estimate that this bike weighs around 15 pounds. The SuperSix Di2 Ultegra is fully rigid.


The SuperSix Di2 Ultegra comes with various bike components, including a carbon, FSA SL-K Cannondale C2 stem, a tapered Super Six headset and Shimano Ultegra Di2 shifters.


The SuperSix Di2 Ultegra has a Shimano Ultegra Di2 derailleur.


It comes with Scwalbe Ultremo ZX Schwalbe Durano S tires (622mm x 23mm) and Mavic Ksyrium rims.

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Year 2012
Alt. Names SUPERsixDI2ULTEGRA, SuperSIXULTEGRADI2, SuperSixDi2ULTEGRA, SuperSixDI2Ultegra, SuperSixDI2ULTEGRA, SupersixDi2Ultegra, SupersixDi2ULTEGRA, SupersixDI2Ultegra, SupersixDI2ULTEGRA, SuperSIXDi2Ultegra, SuperSIXDi2ULTEGRA, SuperSIXDI2Ultegra, SuperSIXDI2ULTEGRA, SUPERSIXULTEGRADI2, SUPERSIXULTEGRADi2, SUPERSIXUltegraDI2, SUPERSIXUltegraDi2, SUPERSixDi2Ultegra, SUPERSixDi2ULTEGRA, SUPERSixDI2Ultegra, SUPERSixDI2ULTEGRA, SUPERsixDi2Ultegra, SUPERsixDi2ULTEGRA, SUPERsixDI2Ultegra, SuperSixDi2Ultegra, SUPERSIXDi2Ultegra, SUPERSIXDi2ULTEGRA, SUPERSIXDI2Ultegra, SUPERSIXDI2ULTEGRA, SUPERsixULTEGRADI2, SUPERsixULTEGRADi2, SUPERsixUltegraDI2, SUPERsixUltegraDi2, SUPERSixULTEGRADI2, SUPERSixULTEGRADi2, SUPERSixUltegraDI2, SUPERSixUltegraDi2, SuperSixUltegraDi2, SuperSixUltegraDI2, SuperSixULTEGRADi2, SuperSixULTEGRADI2, SupersixUltegraDi2, SupersixUltegraDI2, SupersixULTEGRADi2, SupersixULTEGRADI2, SuperSIXUltegraDi2, SuperSIXUltegraDI2, SuperSIXULTEGRADi2, SUPERSIX Di2ULTEGRA, 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