The Cannondale SuperSix Team is a triathlon/road bike with a carbon SuperSix frame. The frame comes in colors like white, Liquigas  Team and Lightning  White.

Originally released in 2008, there are 6 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials and other factors, we estimate that this bike weighs around 20 pounds. The SuperSix Team is fully rigid.


The SuperSix Team comes with Campagnolo and Road Mix components, including a FSA stem, a carbon, tapered SuperSix headset and carbon Campagnolo Record shifters.


The SuperSix Team has 11,10 speeds and has a Campagnolo Record derailleur.


It comes with Ultremo, Vittoria Diamante Pro Lite Schwable Ultremo tires (622mm x 23mm) and carbon, Mavic Cosmic, Fulcrum Racing 1, SR SLR rims.

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Type Triathlon, Road
Year 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Alt. Names SUPERSixTeam, SuperSixTeam, SUPERSIXTEAM, SUPERSIXTeam, SupersixTeam, SupersixTEAM, SUPERsixTEAM, SUPERsixTeam, SuperSIXTeam, SuperSIXTEAM, SUPERSixTEAM, SuperSixTEAM, SUPERSIX Team, Super SixTeam, SuperSix TEAM, SUPER SIXTEAM, Super sixTeam, Super sixTEAM, SUPER SIXTeam, SUPER sixTEAM, Super SIXTeam, Super SIXTEAM, SUPERSix Team, SUPERSix TEAM, SUPER sixTeam, SUPER SixTEAM, SUPERsix Team, SUPERsix TEAM, SuperSIX TEAM, SuperSIX Team, Super SixTEAM, SUPERSIX TEAM, Supersix TEAM, Supersix Team, SUPER SixTeam, SuperSix Team, SUPER Six TEAM, Super Six Team, SUPER six Team, SUPER six TEAM, Super Six TEAM, SUPER Six Team, SUPER SIX Team, SUPER SIX TEAM, Super SIX Team, Super six TEAM, Super six Team, Super SIX TEAM, SUPERSIXTEAMSRM, SUPERSIXTeamSRM, SUPERsixTEAMSRM, SUPERsixTeamSRM, SuperSixTeamSRM, SUPERSixTEAMSRM, SuperSixTEAMSRM, SUPERSixTeamSRM, SuperSIXTEAMSRM, SuperSIXTeamSRM, SupersixTEAMSRM, SupersixTeamSRM, SUPER sixTeamSRM, SupersixTeam SRM, Supersix TEAMSRM, SUPER 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