The Cannondale Synapse is an aluminum and carbon Optimized / Full / Synapse road/triathlon bike frame. The frame comes in colors like bbq, raw and red.

Originally released in 2006, there are 27 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials, we estimate that this bike weighs around 20 pounds. The Synapse is fully rigid.


The Synapse comes with Shimano, Road Mix, SRAM and Mix components, including an aluminum, carbon, scandium, adjustable, Cannondale, FSA, ControlTech, ARX Adjustable stem, an aluminum, carbon, integrated, threadless, sealed, Synapse, Tange, FSA LED headset and adjustable, dual-control, hydraulic, disc, Shimano SRAM shifters.


The Synapse has 10,8,9,11 speeds and has Shimano, SRAM, Sunrace 105 rear cogs and a Shimano SRAM derailleur.


It comes with folding, Schwalbe, Mavic, Maxxis, Michelin Lithion, Continental Grand Prix 4000, Vittoria, Ultremo Hutchinson tires (622mm x NaN) and carbon, aluminum, disc, aero, Shimano, Maddux, Mavic, DT Swiss, Mach1 CFX, Xero XR-1, SL, Van Dessel, Fulcrum Racing, CZero, Disc, Clincher, WTS SLR rims.

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Type Road, Triathlon
Year 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Alt. Names Synapse, SYNAPSE, Synapse6, SYNAPSE8, Synapse3, Synapse8, SYNAPSE7, Synapse7, SYNAPSE6, SYNAPSE5, Synapse5, SYNAPSE1, Synapse1, SYNAPSE4, Synapse4, SYNAPSE2, Synapse2, SYNAPSE3, SYNAPSESL, SynapseSL, Synapse 5, SYNAPSE 1, Synapse 7, Synapse 1, SYNAPSE 8, SYNAPSE 4, SYNAPSE 6, Synapse 4, Synapse 8, SYNAPSE 2, Synapse 6, Synapse 2, SYNAPSE 7, SYNAPSE 3, SYNAPSE 5, Synapse 3, SynapseSL1, SYNAPSERED, SYNAPSERed, SynapseRED, SynapseRed, SYNAPSEDI2, SYNAPSEDi2, SynapseDI2, SynapseDi2, SYNAPSESL3, SYNAPSESL2, SynapseSL2, SynapseSL3, SYNAPSE SL, SYNAPSESL1, Synapse SL, Synapse105, SYNAPSE105, Synapse SL2, SYNAPSE 105, SYNAPSE SL3, Synapse 105, SynapseSL 3, Synapse SL3, SYNAPSESL 1, SYNAPSE SL1, SynapseSL 1, Synapse SL1, SYNAPSESL 2, SYNAPSE SL2, SynapseSL 2, SYNAPSESL 3, Synapse Red, Synapse RED, SYNAPSE Red, SYNAPSE RED, Synapse Di2, Synapse DI2, SynapseDi-2, SynapseDI-2, SYNAPSE Di2, SYNAPSE DI2, SYNAPSEDi-2, SYNAPSEDI-2, SynapseDisc3, SYNAPSEDISC3, SYNAPSEDisc3, SYNAPSE SL 3, SYNAPSEDisc5, SynapseDisc5, Synapse SL 1, SynapseDISC5, Synapse Di-2, SYNAPSESORA7, Synapse DI-2, SYNAPSE SL 1, SYNAPSESora7, SYNAPSE SL 2, SYNAPSEDISC5, SYNAPSE Di-2, Synapse SL 3, SYNAPSE DI-2, SynapseSORA7, Synapse SL 2, SynapseSora7, SynapseDISC3, SYNAPSEDisc 3, SYNAPSE Disc5, SYNAPSEDISC 5, SYNAPSEDisc 5, SYNAPSE SORA7, SYNAPSE DISC5, SynapseSora 7, SynapseDisc 5, SynapseSORA 7, Synapse Sora7, SYNAPSESport7, Synapse SORA7, SynapseDISC 5, SynapseSport4, SYNAPSESora 7, Synapse Disc5, Synapse DISC5, SYNAPSE Sora7, SYNAPSESORA 7, SYNAPSESport4, SynapseSport7, Synapse DISC3, SynapseSport3, SynapseSport5, Synapse Disc3, SynapseDISC 3, SynapseDisc 3, SYNAPSE DISC3, SYNAPSESport3, SYNAPSE Disc3, SYNAPSEDISC 3, SYNAPSESport5, SYNAPSESport 7, SYNAPSEUltegra, SYNAPSECLARIS8, SynapseUltegra, SynapseULTEGRA, SYNAPSE Disc 3, SYNAPSESport 3, SYNAPSE DISC 3, Synapse Sport7, SYNAPSESport 5, SynapseSport 7, SYNAPSE Sport5, SYNAPSE Sport3, Synapse Disc 3, SynapseSport 3, Synapse DISC 3, Synapse 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