The da Vinci Designs Global is a full-suspension tandem/mountain/road bike with a chromoly and titatium S / Built / True Temper frame. The frame comes in colors like brushed, Media  Blast and Natural  Finish.

Originally released in 2002, there are 3 versions of this bike. Due to the size and frame materials, we estimate that this bike weighs around 30 pounds.


The Global comes with various tandem bike components, including an adjustable Titec Big stem, a threadless FSA headset and bar-end, SRAM, Shimano Campagnolo shifters.


The Global has 8,9 speeds and has a SRAM, Shimano Deore XT Campagnolo derailleur.


It comes with kevlar, Michelin Wild Gripper City, Panaracer Pasela, WTB VelociRaptor Avocet Cross II tires (26in x NaN) and Weinmann Zac 19, Sun Rims CR18 Vinci rims.

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Type Tandem, Mountain, Road
Year 2002, 2003, 2005
Alt. Names GlobalVenture, GlobalIn2ition, Global Venture, GlobalIn-2ition, GlobalIn2-ition, Global In2ition, Global In2-ition, Global In-2ition, GlobalVenture700, GlobalIn-2-ition, Global In-2-ition, GlobalVentureRoad, Global Venture700, GlobalVenture 700, GlobalVentureSSTI, GlobalVentureSSTi, GlobalSymbiosisXC, Global VentureRoad, GlobalVenture Road, Global Venture 700, Global VentureSSTi, Global VentureSSTI, Global SymbiosisXC, GlobalVentureSS TI, GlobalVentureSS Ti, GlobalVentureS STI, GlobalVentureS STi, GlobalSymbiosis XC, GlobalVenture SSTI, GlobalVenture SSTi, GlobalVentureS S Ti, GlobalVenture SS TI, GlobalVenture SS Ti, GlobalVenture S STI, GlobalVenture S STi, Global VentureSS TI, GlobalVentureS S TI, Global Symbiosis XC, Global VentureS STI, Global VentureS STi, Global Venture SSTI, Global Venture SSTi, Global Venture Road, Global VentureSS Ti, Global VentureS S Ti, GlobalVenture S S Ti, Global VentureS S TI, Global Venture S STI, Global Venture SS Ti, Global Venture SS TI, GlobalVentureOffRoad, GlobalVenture S S TI, Global Venture S STi, Global VentureOffRoad, GlobalVenture OffRoad, GlobalVentureOff-Road, GlobalSymbiosisXCDisc, Global Venture S S TI, Global Venture S S Ti, GlobalIn2itionOffRoad, Global Venture OffRoad, Global In2itionOffRoad, GlobalSymbiosisXC Disc, GlobalSymbiosis XCDisc, GlobalVenture Off-Road, Global SymbiosisXCDisc, Global VentureOff-Road, GlobalIn2itionOff-Road, GlobalIn2ition OffRoad, GlobalIn-2itionOffRoad, GlobalIn2-itionOffRoad, Global In2ition OffRoad, GlobalIn2-ition OffRoad, GlobalIn-2itionOff-Road, GlobalIn-2ition OffRoad, GlobalIn-2-itionOffRoad, Global Venture Off-Road, Global In2itionOff-Road, GlobalIn2ition Off-Road, Global In2-itionOffRoad, Global Symbiosis XCDisc, Global SymbiosisXC Disc, Global In-2itionOffRoad, GlobalSymbiosis XC Disc, GlobalIn2itionRoadCampy, GlobalIn2-itionOff-Road, GlobalIn2-ition Off-Road, Global Symbiosis XC Disc, GlobalIn-2ition Off-Road, Global In2itionRoadCampy, GlobalIn-2-itionOff-Road, Global In2ition Off-Road, Global In-2itionOff-Road, Global In-2ition OffRoad, Global In-2-itionOffRoad, GlobalIn-2-ition OffRoad, GlobalIn2itionRoad Campy, GlobalIn2ition RoadCampy, GlobalIn2-itionRoadCampy, GlobalIn-2itionRoadCampy, Global In2-itionOff-Road, Global In2-ition OffRoad, GlobalIn-2-ition Off-Road, Global In-2ition Off-Road, GlobalIn2ition Road Campy, GlobalIn2itionRoadShimano, GlobalIn2-itionRoad Campy, GlobalIn2-ition RoadCampy, Global In-2-itionOff-Road, Global In-2itionRoadCampy, GlobalIn-2itionRoad Campy, GlobalIn-2ition RoadCampy, GlobalIn-2-itionRoadCampy, Global In2-itionRoadCampy, Global In-2-ition OffRoad, Global In2ition RoadCampy, Global In2itionRoad Campy, Global In2-ition Off-Road, Global In-2-itionRoadCampy, Global In2ition Road Campy, Global In2-itionRoad Campy, GlobalIn-2ition Road Campy, Global In2-ition RoadCampy, Global In-2itionRoad Campy, GlobalIn2-ition Road Campy, Global In-2ition RoadCampy, GlobalIn-2-itionRoad Campy, GlobalIn2itionRoad Shimano, Global In-2-ition Off-Road, GlobalIn2ition RoadShimano, GlobalIn2-itionRoadShimano, GlobalIn-2itionRoadShimano, GlobalIn-2-ition RoadCampy, Global In2itionRoadShimano, Global In2-ition Road Campy, GlobalIn2ition Road Shimano, Global In-2-itionRoad Campy, GlobalIn2-itionRoad Shimano, GlobalIn2-ition RoadShimano, Global In-2-ition RoadCampy, GlobalIn-2itionRoad Shimano, Global In-2itionRoadShimano, GlobalIn-2-ition Road Campy, GlobalIn-2ition RoadShimano, GlobalIn-2-itionRoadShimano, Global In2-itionRoadShimano, Global In-2ition Road Campy, Global In2ition RoadShimano, Global In2itionRoad Shimano, Global In-2ition RoadShimano, Global In2ition Road Shimano, GlobalIn-2-ition RoadShimano, GlobalIn-2-itionRoad Shimano, Global In2-itionRoad Shimano, GlobalIn-2ition Road Shimano, Global In2-ition RoadShimano, Global In-2itionRoad Shimano, Global In-2-ition Road Campy, GlobalIn2-ition Road Shimano, Global In-2-itionRoadShimano, Global In-2ition Road Shimano, Global In-2-itionRoad Shimano, Global In-2-ition RoadShimano, GlobalIn-2-ition Road Shimano, Global In2-ition Road Shimano, Global In-2-ition Road Shimano