The da Vinci Designs Joint AdVenture is a tandem/mountain/road bike with a titatium, aluminum, chromoly and carbon True Temper / Easton Elite / Custom frame. The frame comes in colors like custom, brushed and unspecified.

Originally released in 1998, there are 11 versions of this bike. Due to the size and frame materials, we estimate that this bike weighs around 30 pounds. The Joint AdVenture is fully rigid.


The Joint AdVenture comes with various tandem bike components, including an adjustable, Titec, Bontrager Control Tech stem, a threadless, FSA, Dia Compe Ritchey Logic Comp headset and grip-shift, SRAM ESP 9. shifters.


The Joint AdVenture has 8,9 speeds and has an ESP SRAM derailleur.


It comes with kevlar, Panaracer Pasela, Ritchey Crossbite Avocet tires (26in x NaN) and Da, Vinci V-22 V-22 rims.

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Type Tandem, Mountain, Road
Year 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2009
Alt. Names JointAdVenture, Joint AdVenture, JointAd-Venture, JointAdVentureTi, JointAdVentureTI, Joint Ad-Venture, JointAdVentureSS, JointAdVentureAL, JointAdVentureAl, Joint AdVentureAl, Joint AdVentureTi, JointAd-VentureAl, JointAd-VentureAL, JointAdVenture SS, JointAdVentureS S, JointAdVenture Al, JointAdVenture AL, Joint AdVentureSS, Joint AdVentureAL, JointAd-VentureTI, JointAd-VentureTi, JointAd-VentureSS, JointAdVenture TI, JointAdVenture Ti, Joint AdVentureTI, Joint AdVenture AL, Joint AdVenture Al, Joint Ad-VentureSS, JointAdVenture S S, Joint AdVentureS S, JointAd-Venture TI, JointAd-Venture Ti, JointAd-VentureS S, JointAd-Venture Al, JointAd-Venture SS, JointAdVentureSSTi, JointAdVentureSSTI, Joint Ad-VentureAL, Joint Ad-VentureTI, Joint Ad-VentureTi, JointAd-Venture AL, Joint AdVenture SS, Joint AdVenture TI, Joint AdVenture Ti, Joint Ad-VentureAl, Joint AdVentureSSTi, JointAdVentureS STi, JointAdVentureS STI, JointAdVentureSS Ti, JointAdVentureSS TI, Joint AdVentureSSTI, Joint AdVenture S S, Joint Ad-Venture SS, JointAd-Venture S S, JointAd-VentureSSTi, Joint Ad-Venture TI, Joint Ad-Venture Ti, Joint Ad-Venture Al, Joint Ad-Venture AL, JointAdVenture SSTi, JointAdVenture SSTI, JointAd-VentureSSTI, Joint Ad-VentureS S, Joint Ad-VentureSSTi, JointAd-VentureS STI, JointAd-VentureS STi, Joint AdVenture SSTi, Joint AdVenture SSTI, JointAd-Venture SSTI, JointAd-Venture SSTi, Joint AdVentureS STi, Joint Ad-Venture S S, Joint AdVentureS STI, Joint AdVentureSS Ti, JointAdVentureS S TI, JointAdVentureS S Ti, JointAdVenture SS TI, JointAdVenture SS Ti, JointAdVenture S STI, JointAdVenture S STi, Joint AdVentureSS TI, JointAd-VentureSS Ti, Joint Ad-VentureSSTI, JointAd-VentureSS TI, JointAd-Venture SS Ti, Joint Ad-VentureSS TI, Joint Ad-VentureS STI, Joint Ad-VentureS STi, Joint Ad-Venture SSTI, Joint Ad-Venture SSTi, JointAdVenture S S Ti, JointAdVenture S S TI, JointAd-Venture S STi, JointAd-Venture S STI, Joint Ad-VentureSS Ti, JointAd-Venture SS TI, Joint AdVentureS S TI, Joint AdVentureS S Ti, JointAd-VentureS S Ti, JointAd-VentureS S TI, Joint AdVenture SS TI, Joint AdVenture SS Ti, Joint AdVenture S STI, Joint AdVenture S STi, Joint Ad-Venture S STI, Joint Ad-Venture SS TI, Joint Ad-Venture SS Ti, JointAd-Venture S S TI, Joint Ad-Venture S STi, Joint AdVenture S S Ti, Joint AdVenture S S TI, Joint Ad-VentureS S TI, Joint Ad-VentureS S Ti, JointAd-Venture S S Ti, Joint Ad-Venture S S Ti, Joint Ad-Venture S S TI, JointAdVentureEastonElite, JointAdVentureEaston Elite, JointAdVenture EastonElite, Joint AdVentureEastonElite, JointAd-VentureEastonElite, Joint AdVenture EastonElite, Joint Ad-VentureEastonElite, JointAd-VentureEaston Elite, JointAdVenture Easton Elite, Joint AdVentureEaston Elite, JointAd-Venture EastonElite, Joint AdVenture Easton Elite, JointAd-Venture Easton Elite, Joint Ad-VentureEaston Elite, Joint Ad-Venture EastonElite, Joint Ad-Venture Easton Elite