The da Vinci Designs Joint Venture is a 34,36,37,35,33 pound a tandem/road bike with a titatium, aluminum and chromoly True Temper / Easton Elite / Custom frame. The frame comes in colors like brushed, unspecified and Media  Blast.

Originally released in 1998, there are 11 versions of this bike. The Joint Venture is fully rigid.


The Joint Venture comes with various tandem bike components, including an adjustable, Titec, Bontrager Control Tech stem, a threadless, FSA Ritchey Logic Comp headset and dual-control, Campagnolo Chorus Ergo, Shimano STI shifters.


The Joint Venture has 8,9 speeds and has a Campagnolo Shimano XTR SGS derailleur.


It comes with kevlar, Panaracer Pasela Ritchey Tom Slick tires (26in x NaN) and Da, Vinci V-22 V-22 rims.

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Type Tandem, Road
Year 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005
Alt. Names JointVenture, Joint Venture, JointVentureSS, JointVentureAl, JointVentureAL, JointVentureTI, JointVentureTi, JointVentureS S, JointVenture Al, JointVenture700, Joint VentureAl, Joint VentureAL, JointVenture SS, Joint VentureSS, Joint VentureTi, JointVenture TI, JointVenture Ti, Joint VentureTI, JointVenture AL, Joint Venture AL, Joint Venture700, JointVenture S S, Joint Venture Al, Joint VentureS S, Joint Venture SS, JointVenture 700, Joint Venture TI, Joint Venture Ti, JointVentureSSTI, JointVentureSSTi, Joint Venture 700, JointVentureSS Ti, JointVentureS STI, JointVentureS STi, JointVentureSS TI, Joint Venture S S, JointVenture SSTI, JointVenture SSTi, Joint VentureSSTi, Joint VentureSSTI, Joint Venture SSTi, JointVenture S STI, JointVenture S STi, JointVenture SS Ti, JointVenture SS TI, Joint VentureSS TI, Joint VentureSS Ti, Joint VentureS STI, Joint VentureS STi, JointVentureS S Ti, JointVentureS S TI, Joint Venture SSTI, Joint VentureS S Ti, Joint Venture SS TI, Joint Venture SS Ti, Joint Venture S STI, Joint VentureS S TI, Joint Venture S STi, JointVenture S S TI, JointVenture S S Ti, Joint Venture S S Ti, Joint Venture S S TI, JointVentureEastonElite, Joint VentureEastonElite, JointVenture EastonElite, JointVentureEaston Elite, JointVenture Easton Elite, Joint VentureEaston Elite, Joint Venture EastonElite, Joint Venture Easton Elite, JointVenture700EastonElite, Joint Venture700EastonElite, JointVenture700Easton Elite, JointVenture 700EastonElite, JointVenture700 EastonElite, Joint Venture 700EastonElite, Joint Venture700 EastonElite, Joint Venture700Easton Elite, JointVenture 700 EastonElite, JointVenture 700Easton Elite, JointVenture700 Easton Elite, Joint Venture 700Easton Elite, Joint Venture700 Easton Elite, Joint Venture 700 EastonElite, JointVenture 700 Easton Elite, Joint Venture 700 Easton Elite