The 1999 Dean Discovery Pro is a mountain bike with a titatium frame. The frame has a satin finish. It was released in 1999. We estimate that this bike weighs around 35 pounds. The Discovery Pro has fork suspension with 2.5in travel.


The Discovery Pro comes with Shimano XTR components, including an aluminum Dean stem, a threadless Chris King NoThreadSet headset and Shimano XTR RapidFire SL shifters.


The Discovery Pro has 9 speeds and has a Shimano XTR derailleur.


It comes with IRC tires and Sun Rims O-lite rims.

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Type Mountain
Year 1999
Alt. Names DiscoveryProSC70XC, DiscoveryProSC72UL, DiscoveryPro SIDSL, DiscoveryPro/SIDSL, DiscoveryProSC-72UL, Discovery ProSC72UL, DiscoveryPro SC72UL, DiscoveryPro JudySL, DiscoveryProSC-70XC, Discovery Pro SIDSL, Discovery Pro/SIDSL, DiscoveryPro/JudySL, DiscoveryPro/SID SL, DiscoveryPro SID SL, Discovery ProSC70XC, DiscoveryPro SC70XC, Discovery Pro SID SL, DiscoveryPro Judy SL, Discovery Pro/SID SL, DiscoveryProSuperFly, Discovery Pro JudySL, Discovery ProSC-72UL, DiscoveryPro/Judy SL, DiscoveryPro SC-72UL, Discovery Pro SC70XC, DiscoveryPro SC-70XC, Discovery Pro/JudySL, Discovery ProSC-70XC, Discovery Pro SC72UL, Discovery Pro SC-70XC, Discovery Pro Judy SL, Discovery Pro/Judy SL, DiscoveryProSuper Fly, DiscoveryPro SuperFly, Discovery Pro SC-72UL, Discovery ProSuperFly, DiscoveryPro Super Fly, Discovery Pro SuperFly, Discovery ProSuper Fly, Discovery Pro Super Fly