The 2008 Genius Diablo Rival is a 16 pound a triathlon/road bike with a carbon C-7 frame. The frame has a  white  /  red  /  black  /  gloss finish.

The Diablo Rival is a is a light bike at around 15 pounds. It was released in 2008. The Diablo Rival is fully rigid.


The Diablo Rival comes with SRAM Rival components, including an aluminum Grammo Cobra CNC SL Quattro stem, an integrated FSA headset and SRAM Rival shifters.


The Diablo Rival has 10 speeds and has a SRAM Rival derailleur.


It comes with Vittoria Rubino Pro tires (622mm x 23mm) and Pro-Lite Stelvio American Classic 420 rims.

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Type Triathlon, Road
Year 2008
Alt. Names DiableRivalProlite, DiabloRivalProlite, Diable RivalProlite, DiableRival Prolite, DiableRivalPro-lite, Diablo RivalProlite, DiabloRival Prolite, DiabloRivalPro-lite, Diablo RivalPro-lite, DiableRival Pro-lite, DiabloRival Pro-lite, DiabloRivalAmClassic, Diablo Rival Prolite, Diable RivalPro-lite, Diable Rival Prolite, DiableRivalAmClassic, Diablo Rival Pro-lite, DiabloRivalAm Classic, DiabloRival AmClassic, Diable RivalAmClassic, Diablo RivalAmClassic, DiableRival AmClassic, DiableRivalAm Classic, Diable Rival Pro-lite, Diablo Rival AmClassic, Diablo RivalAm Classic, DiableRival Am Classic, DiabloRival Am Classic, Diable RivalAm Classic, Diable Rival AmClassic, Diablo Rival Am Classic, Diable Rival Am Classic