The Kona Hei Hei is a scandium, carbon, titatium and aluminum Kona / Sandvik / Fox Float full-suspension mountain bike frame. The frame comes in colors like buff, satin and ball-burnished.

Originally released in 1994, there are 15 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials, we estimate that this bike weighs around 25 pounds.


The Hei Hei comes with Mountain Mix and Shimano components, including an oversized, Kona, Control Tech, FSA, Race, Easton EA70 Tahoma Sonne IV stem, a threadless, FSA, Kona Race Light Control Center, TH, DL, Dia-Compe Aheadset ATC, Aheadset E2 headset and trigger, grip-shift, SRAM, Suntour XC Pro top-, SRT-800 X-Ray Shimano shifters.

The titatium Rock, Kona Race Light Project Two, Marzocchi, 29, RockShox, Race, Fox, World Cup, Reba and Droupouts fork has a true suspension.


The Hei Hei has 10,9,8 speeds and has a SRAM Shimano derailleur.


It comes with kevlar, Maxxis, Kona, Kevlar, Kenda Small Block Tioga Factory XC Slick tires (NaN x NaN) and disc, Easton, Mavic, Sun EQ 2.3, Kore XC2, FSA Shimano XTR rims.

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Type Mountain
Year 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Alt. Names HEI Hei, HEI-HEI, HEI-Hei, HEI HEI, Hei-HEI, Hei-Hei, Hei HEI, Hei Hei, HEI HeiDL, HEI HEI29, HEI HEIDL, HEI Hei29, HEI-HeiDL, HEI-HEI29, HEI-HEIDL, HEI-Hei29, Hei Hei29, Hei HeiDL, Hei HEIDL, Hei HEI29, Hei-HeiDL, Hei-HEI29, Hei-HEIDL, Hei-Hei29, HEI Hei 29, Hei HEI100, Hei-HEI100, Hei-Hei100, Hei HEI DL, HEI HEI100, HEI Hei100, HEI-HEI100, HEI-Hei100, HEI-Hei2-9, HEI-Hei 29, HEI-HEI DL, HEI-HEI2-9, HEI-HEI 29, HEI-Hei DL, HEI Hei2-9, Hei Hei100, HEI HEI DL, HEI HEI2-9, HEI HEI 29, HEI Hei DL, Hei-Hei2-9, Hei-Hei 29, Hei-HEI DL, Hei-HEI2-9, Hei-HEI 29, Hei HEI 29, Hei HEI2-9, Hei-Hei DL, Hei Hei 29, Hei Hei2-9, Hei Hei DL, HEI HEI 100, Hei HEI 100, Hei HEILisa, Hei HEILISA, HEI-HEI 100, HEI Hei 2-9, Hei HeiLisa, Hei HeiLISA, Hei HeiDisc, Hei-Hei 100, Hei-HEILisa, Hei-HEILISA, Hei HEIDisc, HEI HEI 2-9, Hei-HeiLisa, Hei-HeiLISA, HEI Hei 100, Hei-HeiDisc, HEI HEILisa, HEI HEILISA, HEI-Hei 2-9, Hei-Hei 2-9, HEI HeiLisa, HEI HeiLISA, Hei-HEIDisc, Hei-HEI 100, HEI-HEILisa, HEI-HEILISA, HEI HeiDisc, Hei-HEI 2-9, HEI-HeiLisa, HEI-HeiLISA, Hei HEI 2-9, HEI-Hei 100, HEI HEIDisc, Hei Hei 100, Hei Hei 2-9, HEI-HeiDisc, HEI-HEI 2-9, HEI-HEIDisc, HEI-Hei Disc, HEI-Hei LISA, HEI-HEI Lisa, HEI Hei LISA, HEI Hei Lisa, HEI HEI LISA, HEI HEI Lisa, Hei-Hei LISA, Hei-Hei Lisa, Hei-HEI LISA, Hei-HEI Lisa, Hei Hei LISA, Hei Hei Lisa, Hei HEI LISA, Hei HEI Lisa, HEI-HEI Disc, HEI-HEI LISA, HEI HEI Disc, HEI Hei Disc, Hei-HEI Disc, Hei-Hei Disc, Hei HEI Disc, Hei Hei Disc, HEI-Hei Lisa, HEI-HEISupreme, HEI-HeiSupreme, HEI HEISupreme, HEI HeiSupreme, Hei-HEISupreme, Hei-HeiSupreme, Hei HEISupreme, Hei HeiSupreme, HEI-Hei Supreme, Hei-HEI Supreme, HEI-HEI Supreme, Hei-Hei Supreme, HEI HEI Supreme, Hei HEI Supreme, HEI-Hei29DELUXE, Hei Hei Supreme, HEI-Hei29Deluxe, HEI-HEI29DELUXE, HEI-HEI29Deluxe, HEI Hei29DELUXE, HEI Hei29Deluxe, HEI HEI29DELUXE, HEI HEI29Deluxe, Hei-Hei29DELUXE, Hei-Hei29Deluxe, Hei-HEI29DELUXE, Hei-HEI29Deluxe, HEI Hei Supreme, Hei Hei29DELUXE, Hei Hei29Deluxe, Hei HEI29Deluxe, Hei HEI29DELUXE, Hei-Hei29 Deluxe, Hei-HEI29 Deluxe, Hei Hei 29DELUXE, Hei Hei2-9Deluxe, Hei Hei2-9DELUXE, Hei Hei29 Deluxe, Hei Hei29 DELUXE, Hei HEI29 DELUXE, Hei HEI29 Deluxe, HEI-Hei29 DELUXE, HEI-Hei29 Deluxe, Hei-HEI 29Deluxe, Hei-HEI 29DELUXE, Hei-HEI2-9Deluxe, Hei-HEI2-9DELUXE, Hei HEI2-9DELUXE, Hei-HEI29 DELUXE, Hei HEI2-9Deluxe, HEI-Hei2-9DELUXE, HEI-Hei2-9Deluxe, Hei-Hei 29Deluxe, Hei-Hei 29DELUXE, Hei-Hei2-9Deluxe, Hei-Hei2-9DELUXE, Hei Hei 29Deluxe, Hei-Hei29 DELUXE, Hei HEI 29DELUXE, HEI HEI 29Deluxe, HEI HEI 29DELUXE, HEI-Hei 29DELUXE, HEI HEI2-9Deluxe, HEI HEI2-9DELUXE, HEI HEI29 Deluxe, HEI HEI29 DELUXE, Hei HEI 29Deluxe, HEI-Hei 29Deluxe, HEI Hei 29Deluxe, HEI Hei 29DELUXE, HEI Hei2-9Deluxe, HEI Hei2-9DELUXE, HEI Hei29 Deluxe, HEI Hei29 DELUXE, HEI-HEI 29Deluxe, HEI-HEI 29DELUXE, HEI-HEI2-9Deluxe, HEI-HEI2-9DELUXE, HEI-HEI29 Deluxe, HEI-HEI29 DELUXE, HEI-Hei2-9 DELUXE, HEI-Hei2-9 Deluxe, HEI HEI 2-9Deluxe, HEI HEI 2-9DELUXE, HEI HEI 29 Deluxe, HEI HEI 29 DELUXE, Hei Hei 2-9Deluxe, Hei Hei2-9 Deluxe, Hei Hei2-9 DELUXE, HEI HEI2-9 DELUXE, Hei Hei 2-9DELUXE, Hei HEI2-9 DELUXE, Hei-HEI 2-9Deluxe, Hei-HEI 2-9DELUXE, Hei-Hei 2-9Deluxe, Hei HEI 29 DELUXE, Hei-Hei 2-9DELUXE, HEI-Hei 29 DELUXE, HEI Hei 2-9Deluxe, HEI Hei 2-9DELUXE, HEI Hei 29 Deluxe, HEI Hei 29 DELUXE, Hei-Hei 29 Deluxe, Hei-Hei 29 DELUXE, HEI Hei2-9 Deluxe, HEI Hei2-9 DELUXE, Hei-HEI 29 Deluxe, Hei-HEI 29 DELUXE, Hei-Hei2-9 Deluxe, Hei-Hei2-9 DELUXE, Hei HEI 29 Deluxe, Hei HEI 2-9DELUXE, HEI-Hei 29 Deluxe, HEI-Hei 2-9DELUXE, HEI-HEI 2-9Deluxe, HEI-HEI 2-9DELUXE, HEI-HEI 29 Deluxe, HEI-HEI 29 DELUXE, Hei Hei 29 Deluxe, Hei Hei 29 DELUXE, HEI-HEI2-9 Deluxe, HEI-HEI2-9 DELUXE, Hei-HEI2-9 Deluxe, Hei-HEI2-9 DELUXE, Hei HEI2-9 Deluxe, HEI HEI2-9 Deluxe, Hei HEI 2-9Deluxe, HEI-Hei 2-9Deluxe, HEI HEI 2-9 DELUXE, HEI-Hei 2-9 Deluxe, Hei HEI 2-9 DELUXE, HEI-HEI 2-9 DELUXE, HEI-HEI 2-9 Deluxe, HEI Hei 2-9 DELUXE, HEI Hei 2-9 Deluxe, Hei Hei 2-9 DELUXE, HEI-Hei 2-9 DELUXE, HEI HEI 2-9 Deluxe, Hei-Hei 2-9 DELUXE, Hei-Hei 2-9 Deluxe, Hei-HEI 2-9 DELUXE, Hei-HEI 2-9 Deluxe, Hei HEI 2-9 Deluxe, Hei Hei 2-9 Deluxe