The 2000 Kona Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua is a cruiser bike with a chromoly frame. The frame has a Holiday  Blue finish. It was released in 2000 and costs $379 brand new. Due to the frame materials and other factors, we estimate that this bike weighs around 15 pounds. The Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua is fully rigid.


The Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua comes with various cruiser bike components, including a Kona stem and an Aheadset SX headset.


The Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua is a single-speed and has.


It comes with Tioga Factory XC tires (26in x 1.9in) and Sun Rims Ditch Witch rims.

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Type Cruiser
MSRP $380
Year 2000
Alt. Names HUMUHUMUnukunukuAPua, HUMUHUMUNukunukuAPua, HumuhumuNukunukuAPua, HumuhumunukunukuAPua, HUMUHUMUnukunukuA-Pua, Humuhumu-nukunukuAPua, HUMUHUMUNukunukuA-Pua, HumuhumuNukunuku-APua, HumuhumuNukunukuA-Pua, Humuhumu-NukunukuAPua, HUMUHUMUNukunuku-APua, Humuhumunukunuku-APua, HumuhumunukunukuA-Pua, HUMUHUMUnukunuku-APua, HUMUHUMU-nukunukuAPua, HUMUHUMU-NukunukuAPua, Humuhumunukunuku-A-Pua, HUMUHUMU-NukunukuA-Pua, HUMUHUMU-nukunuku-APua, HUMUHUMU-nukunukuA-Pua, Humuhumu-NukunukuA-Pua, HUMUHUMUNukunuku-A-Pua, HUMUHUMU-Nukunuku-APua, HumuhumuNukunuku-A-Pua, Humuhumu-nukunukuA-Pua, HUMUHUMUnukunuku-A-Pua, Humuhumu-nukunuku-APua, Humuhumu-Nukunuku-APua, Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua, HUMUHUMU-nukunuku-A-Pua, Humuhumu-nukunuku-A-Pua, HUMUHUMU-Nukunuku-A-Pua