The Kona King Kahuna is a mountain bike with a carbon, titatium and scandium Kona / Sandvik frame. The frame comes in colors like polished, Brushed  Grey and Buff  Titanium.

Originally released in 1996, there are 7 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials and other factors, we estimate that this bike weighs around 25 pounds. The King Kahuna has fork suspension.


The King Kahuna comes with Shimano and Mountain Mix components, including a Kona, Control Tech Race Face SyStem stem, a thermoplastic, threadless, FSA, Kona Race Light Control Center, RaceFace SP Aheadset SAS headset and grip-shift, SRAM X7, SRT-800 X-Ray Shimano shifters.

The RL, Rock, RockShox Reba RL 29, Fox 32 F29 80-RL TA, Marzocchi Bomber Z-2 Super Fly and Droupouts fork has a true suspension.


The King Kahuna has 10,9,8 speeds and has a SRAM Shimano derailleur.


It comes with kevlar, Maxxis, Kona, Hutchinson Chameleon, Kenda Small Block 8 Tioga Factory XC Slick tires (NaN x NaN) and Easton, Mavic, Kore XC2 FSA XC-290 rims.

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Type Mountain
Year 1996, 1999, 2000, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013
Alt. Names KingKahuna, KingKAHUNA, King Kahuna, King KAHUNA, KingKAHUNAHEIHei, KingKAHUNAHeiHEI, KingKAHUNAHeiHei, KingKahunaHEIHEI, KingKahunaHEIHei, KingKahunaHeiHEI, KingKahunaHeiHei, KingKAHUNAHEIHEI, KingKahuna HeiHEI, King KAHUNAHEIHei, King KahunaHeiHEI, King KahunaHEIHei, King KahunaHEIHEI, KingKAHUNAHEI HEI, KingKAHUNAHEI Hei, KingKAHUNAHei HEI, King KAHUNAHeiHei, King KAHUNAHeiHEI, King KAHUNAHEIHEI, KingKahuna HeiHei, King KahunaHeiHei, KingKahuna HEIHei, KingKahuna HEIHEI, KingKahunaHei Hei, KingKahunaHei HEI, KingKAHUNAHei Hei, KingKahunaHEI Hei, KingKahunaHEI HEI, KingKAHUNA HEIHEI, KingKAHUNA HeiHei, KingKAHUNA HeiHEI, KingKAHUNA HEIHei, KingKahuna Hei Hei, KingKahuna Hei HEI, King KAHUNA HeiHEI, King Kahuna HeiHei, King KahunaHei HEI, KingKahuna HEI HEI, King KahunaHEI Hei, King KAHUNA HEIHei, King KAHUNA HEIHEI, King KAHUNAHei Hei, King Kahuna HEIHei, King KAHUNAHei HEI, King KahunaHEI HEI, King KahunaHei Hei, King KAHUNAHEI Hei, King Kahuna HeiHEI, KingKAHUNA Hei Hei, KingKAHUNA Hei HEI, King KAHUNAHEI HEI, King Kahuna HEIHEI, KingKAHUNA HEI Hei, KingKAHUNA HEI HEI, King KAHUNA HeiHei, KingKahuna HEI Hei, King Kahuna HEI Hei, King Kahuna HEI HEI, King KAHUNA HEI HEI, King KAHUNA HEI Hei, King Kahuna Hei HEI, King KAHUNA Hei HEI, King KAHUNA Hei Hei, King Kahuna Hei Hei