The Longbikes Slipstream is a 30,35 pound a recumbent bike with a chromoly Designed / True Temper / Handmade frame. The frame comes in colors like red, blue and black.

Originally released in 2000, there are 4 versions of this bike. The Slipstream has frame suspension with 2.5in travel.


The Slipstream comes with various recumbent bike components, including a Longbikes Indirect Underseat stem, an aluminum, Shimano NECO headset and bar-end Shimano shifters.


The Slipstream has 9 speeds and has Shimano LX rear cogs and a Shimano derailleur.


It comes with Avocet Fast Grip Kenda Kwest tires ( x in front and x rear.) and aero, Sun Rims CR18, Alex DA-16, Velocity Black/Black rims.

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Type Recumbent
Year 2000, 2002, 2007, 2015
Alt. Names Slipstream