The 1993 Montague BiFrame is a 29,30 pound a mountain/hybrid bike with a steel and chromoly True Temper frame. It was released in 1993. The BiFrame is fully rigid.


The BiFrame comes with Shimano components, including a steel, Short Nuff stem and Shimano shifters.


The BiFrame has 7,6 speeds and has a Suntour derailleur.


It comes with tires (NaN x NaN) and aluminum rims.

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Type Mountain, Hybrid
Year 1993
Alt. Names Biframe939, BiFrame939, BiFrameMX7, BiframeMX7, Biframe MX7, BiFrame 939, Bi-frame939, Bi-FrameMX7, BiFrame MX7, BiFrameMX-7, Bi-frameMX7, Bi-Frame939, Biframe 939, BiframeMX-7, Biframe MX-7, Bi-Frame MX7, Bi-FrameMX-7, BiFrame MX-7, Bi-frame 939, Bi-frame MX7, Bi-frameMX-7, Bi-Frame 939, BiFrameM1000, BiframeM1000, Bi-FrameM1000, BiFrame M1000, BiFrameM-1000, Bi-Frame MX-7, Bi-frameM1000, Biframe M1000, BiframeM-1000, Bi-frame MX-7, Biframe M-1000, Bi-Frame M1000, Bi-FrameM-1000, BiFrame M-1000, Bi-frame M1000, Bi-frameM-1000, Bi-Frame M-1000, Bi-frame M-1000