The Research Dynamics Coyote is a 25,29,27,26,37,31,28,33,24,23,30,32,34,43 pound a full-suspension mountain/juvenile/tandem/track/bmx/cruiser bike with an aluminum, chromoly, steel, titatium and carbon Prolog 105 / RD / Tange frame. The frame comes in colors like red, red and grey.

Originally released in 1993, there are 22 versions of this bike.


The Coyote comes with Mountain Mix, Shimano and LX components, including an aluminum, manganese, steel, Kalloy, H.L., Hsin Lung, Allsop, Lee, Leechi HS-M25300SB-1, Sameness, Ky Star, Meng Jing, Leadtec, Tahoma, Jae Chen JC-1018G, Chen, Tranz-X Liyang stem, a steel, threadless, Aheadset, Chin Haur, Dia-Compe, H73B, YST, Tien Hsin, LF Tange headset and grip-shift, Shimano, SRT-300i, SRT-500, SRT-400, SRT-600, SRT-800 X-Ray, CX-DT, SRT-300, Quickshift, ESP, MRX-100, SRT-400i, MRX-170, MRX-200 MRX shifters.

The chromoly, aluminum / steel Rock Shox, WEM, Akisu, Tange, SR DuoTrack, RST, Lung I, RD, Research Dynamics, Aprebic AX-4602, Chien Shing and Coyote fork has a true suspension.


The Coyote has 9,8,7,6,1 speeds and has internal rear cogs and a Shimano, ESP SR AN 456 derailleur.


It comes with Cheng Shin, Kenda, Panaracer, Maxxis, Super, Ritchey Bite Comp tires (NaN x NaN) and aluminum, Alex, Araya, Femco, Kin Lin, Mavic, HJC P-GN, Weinmann, Sun Rims Z-19 VP-20 rims.

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Type Mountain, Juvenile, Tandem, Track, BMX, Cruiser
Year 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
Alt. Names Coyote, Coyote3, Coyote4, Coyote2, Coyote5, Coyote 3, Coyote 4, Coyote 2, Coyote 5, Coyote975, CoyoteOne, CoyoteSTX, CoyoteTwo, CoyoteX300, CoyoteTeam, CoyotePro4, Coyote One, CoyoteALU5, CoyoteX200, Coyote 975, CoyoteAlu5, Coyote Two, Coyote STX, Coyote Pro4, Coyote X200, Coyote Alu5, CoyoteTitan, CoyoteALU 5, CoyotePro 4, CoyoteSTXFS, CoyoteAlu 5, Coyote ALU5, CoyoteTeam2, CoyoteTeam6, CoyoteThree, CoyoteTrail, Coyote X300, Coyote Team, CoyoteX 200, CoyoteX 300, Coyote Alu 5, Coyote Trail, Coyote Three, Coyote Pro 4, CoyoteSingle, CoyoteSummit, CoyoteTeam 6, Coyote Team6, CoyoteALU600, CoyoteMowTan, CoyoteAFS800, CoyoteAFS900, CoyoteAFS600, Coyote Titan, CoyoteAFS400, Coyote X 300, Coyote ALU 5, CoyotePro400, Coyote STXFS, CoyoteSTX FS, Coyote X 200, Coyote Team2, CoyoteTeam 2, CoyoteAlu600, CoyoteAFSSix, CoyoteTeamSix, Coyote Summit, CoyoteMow Tan, Coyote ALU600, Coyote AFS400, Coyote Alu600, Coyote Team 6, CoyoteAFS 400, CoyoteALU 600, Coyote Pro400, Coyote AFS600, CoyoteAFS 600, CoyotePro 400, CoyoteProFour, CoyoteTeam800, CoyoteAlu 600, Coyote AFS900, CoyoteALUFive, Coyote STX FS, CoyoteAFS 900, CoyoteAFSFive, CoyoteTrail21, Coyote AFS800, CoyoteAFS 800, CoyoteAluFive, Coyote Team 2, Coyote AFSSix, CoyoteAFS Six, Coyote MowTan, Coyote Single, Coyote TeamSix, CoyoteTeam Six, Coyote Team800, CoyoteTeam 800, CoyoteALU Five, Coyote Pro 400, Coyote Alu 600, Coyote AFS 800, Coyote Trail21, Coyote AFSFive, CoyoteAFS Five, Coyote AFS 400, CoyoteAlu Five, Coyote AFS 600, Coyote AFS Six, CoyoteTrail 21, Coyote Mow Tan, Coyote AFS 900, Coyote ALUFive, Coyote ProFour, CoyotePro Four, Coyote ALU 600, Coyote AluFive, CoyoteTeamRider, Coyote Alu Five, Coyote Trail 21, Coyote ALU Five, Coyote Pro Four, Coyote AFS Five, Coyote Team 800, CoyoteChallenge, CoyoteSTXSingle, Coyote Team Six, CoyoteSTX Single, CoyoteTeam Rider, Coyote STXSingle, Coyote TeamRider, Coyote Challenge, Coyote STX Single, CoyoteChallengeSE, CoyoteTeamExtreme, CoyoteSingletrack, Coyote Team Rider, Coyote ChallengeSE, Coyote TeamExtreme, CoyoteChallengeS.E, CoyoteChallenge SE, Coyote Singletrack, CoyoteTeam Extreme, CoyoteTeamExtreme24, Coyote ChallengeS.E, Coyote Challenge SE, CoyoteTeamExtreme20, CoyoteChallenge S.E, Coyote Team Extreme, CoyoteTeamExtreme 20, CoyoteTeam Extreme20, CoyoteSTXSingletrack, Coyote Challenge S.E, Coyote TeamExtreme20, Coyote TeamExtreme24, CoyoteTeamExtreme 24, CoyoteTeam Extreme24, CoyoteSTX Singletrack, Coyote Team Extreme24, CoyoteTeam Extreme 24, CoyoteTeam Extreme 20, Coyote Team Extreme20, Coyote TeamExtreme 24, Coyote STXSingletrack, Coyote TeamExtreme 20, Coyote STX Singletrack, Coyote Team Extreme 20, Coyote Team Extreme 24