The SE Racing PK Ripper is a bmx bike with an aluminum T6 / SE Racing Certified frame. The frame comes in colors like red, red and blue. Originally released in 1995, there are 8 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials and other factors, we estimate that this bike weighs around 25 pounds. The PK Ripper is fully rigid.


The PK Ripper comes with various bmx bike components, including an aluminum, SE, DK, Top, XL, Odyssey Bang, Se Racing Team Products stem and an aluminum, threadless, integrated, sealed, internal, Tange, YST 300, Dia-Compe Aheadset Tioga headset.

The chromoly Landing Gear fork has Tektro V-Brake brakes.


The PK Ripper is a single-speed and has.


It comes with Kenda, Comp III, Tioga Maxxis Holy Roller tires (20in x NaN) and double-wall, Skyway Tuff II, Sumo, Alex, SE Racing PBS rims.

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Type BMX
Year 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
Alt. Names PKRipper, PK Ripper, PKRipperXL, PKRipper XL, PKRipperPro, PK RipperXL, PK RipperPro, PKRipper Pro, PKRipperTeam, PK Ripper XL, PK Ripper Pro, PKRipperProXL, PKRipper Team, PK RipperTeam, PKRipperXLPro, PKRipperElite, PKRipperSTDPro, PKRipperPro XL, PK RipperXLPro, PKRipper XLPro, PKRipperXL Pro, PK RipperElite, PK Ripper Team, PK RipperProXL, PKRipper Elite, PKRipper ProXL, PK RipperXL Pro, PKRipper Pro XL, PKRipper XL Pro, PK RipperSTDPro, PK RipperPro XL, PK Ripper ProXL, PKRipperEliteXL, PK Ripper Elite, PKRipperTeamXLP, PK Ripper XLPro, PKRipperSTD Pro, PKRipper STDPro, PKRipperTeam XLP, PKRipper EliteXL, PK Ripper STDPro, PK RipperSTD Pro, PK RipperTeamXLP, PKRipper STD Pro, PKRipperKillerXL, PKRipperLooptail, PKRipper TeamXLP, PK Ripper XL Pro, PKRipperXLKiller, PK RipperEliteXL, PK Ripper Pro XL, PKRipperElite XL, PK RipperKillerXL, PK RipperXLKiller, PKRipper XLKiller, PKRipperSTDKiller, PKRipper Elite XL, PKRipperXL Killer, PK RipperElite XL, PK Ripper EliteXL, PK Ripper STD Pro, PKRipper KillerXL, PKRipperKiller XL, PKRipper Looptail, PK Ripper TeamXLP, PK RipperTeam XLP, PK RipperLooptail, PKRipper Team XLP, PK RipperKiller XL, PK Ripper Elite XL, PKRipper Killer XL, PKRipperSTD Killer, PK RipperSTDKiller, PKRipper XL Killer, PK Ripper Team XLP, PKRipper STDKiller, PK RipperXL Killer, PK Ripper XLKiller, PK Ripper KillerXL, PK Ripper Looptail, PK Ripper Killer XL, PK Ripper XL Killer, PK Ripper STDKiller, PK RipperSTD Killer, PKRipper STD Killer, PK Ripper STD Killer