The 1996 Titus Titus SFS Comp is a 25 pound a mountain bike with an aluminum Alcoa CU92 6013 / Fox Vanilla frame. The frame has a white finish.

The Titus SFS Comp is a is a lighter bike at around 25 pounds. It was released in 1996 and costs $1,995 brand new. The Titus SFS Comp has frame suspension with 3in travel.


The Titus SFS Comp comes with Shimano Deore LX components, including a Tahoma Sonne IV stem, a threadless Dia-Compe Kontak Aheadset SA-2 headset and grip-shift SRT-600 shifters.


The Titus SFS Comp has 8 speeds and has a Shimano derailleur.


It comes with IRC PiranhaPro tires (26in x 2in) and Mavic 238 rims.

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Type Mountain
MSRP $1,995
Year 1996
Alt. Names TitusSFSCompAl, TitusSFSCompAL, Titus SFSCompAL, Titus SFSCompAl, TitusSFS CompAL, TitusSFS CompAl, TitusSFSComp AL, TitusSFSComp Al, Titus SFS CompAl, TitusSFS Comp Al, Titus SFSComp AL, Titus SFSComp Al, TitusSFS Comp AL, Titus SFS CompAL, Titus SFS Comp Al, Titus SFS Comp AL