The Transition DirtBag is an aluminum Manitou SPV 4-Way Coil / T6 / Fox full-suspension mountain bike frame. The frame comes in colors like white, white and Matte  Black.

Originally released in 2006, there are 4 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials and other factors, we estimate that this bike weighs around 35 pounds.


The DirtBag comes with Mountain Mix and SRAM components, including a Temple stem, a threadless FSA headset and SRAM Trigger shifters.


The DirtBag has 9 speeds and has a SRAM derailleur.


It comes with Maxxis tires (26in x 2.5in) and TBC Revolution rims.

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Type Mountain
Year 2006, 2007, 2008
Alt. Names Dirtbag, DirtBag, Dirt-bag, Dirt-Bag, DirtbagX7Kit, DirtBagX9Kit, DirtBagX7Kit, DirtbagX9Kit, DirtbagX.7Kit, DirtBagX.9Kit, DirtBagX9 Kit, Dirt-BagX7Kit, Dirtbag X7Kit, Dirt-bagX7Kit, DirtBagX7 Kit, Dirtbag X9Kit, DirtBagX.7Kit, DirtbagX.9Kit, DirtbagX9 Kit, DirtbagX7 Kit, DirtBag X7Kit, Dirt-bagX9Kit, DirtBag X9Kit, Dirt-BagX9Kit, Dirtbag X7 Kit, Dirt-bagX9 Kit, Dirt-BagX9 Kit, Dirt-Bag X9Kit, Dirt-bagX7 Kit, Dirt-bagX.7Kit, Dirt-bag X7Kit, Dirt-bag X9Kit, Dirt-BagX7 Kit, Dirt-bagX.9Kit, Dirt-BagX.7Kit, Dirt-Bag X7Kit, DirtBag X.9Kit, DirtBag X.7Kit, DirtBag X7 Kit, DirtBag X9 Kit, DirtBagX.7 Kit, DirtbagX.9 Kit, Dirtbag X9 Kit, Dirtbag X.9Kit, DirtBagX.9 Kit, Dirtbag X.7Kit, Dirt-BagX.9Kit, DirtbagX.7 Kit, Dirt-bagX.9 Kit, Dirtbag X.9 Kit, Dirt-bag X.9Kit, DirtBag X.7 Kit, Dirt-bagX.7 Kit, Dirt-Bag X.7Kit, Dirt-Bag X7 Kit, Dirt-Bag X.9Kit, Dirt-BagX.7 Kit, Dirt-Bag X9 Kit, Dirtbag X.7 Kit, DirtBag X.9 Kit, Dirt-bag X9 Kit, Dirt-bag X.7Kit, Dirt-bag X7 Kit, Dirt-BagX.9 Kit, Dirt-bag X.7 Kit, Dirt-Bag X.7 Kit, Dirt-Bag X.9 Kit, Dirt-bag X.9 Kit